Of Mice and Men

How is the theme "Temptation and Destruction" important to the plot

A few sentences would be great!

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I think that temptation comes into play with Curley's wife. She is the only woman on a ranch full of men. She is young, pretty, and terribly lonely. She hangs around the ranch all day soliciting company from anyone who will give it to her. The men are tempted by her both emotionally and sexually. They restrain because she is the wife of the boss's son: they don't want to get "caned" or fired. Unfortunately Lennie is not able to rebuke her advances. The fateful meeting in the barn between Curley's wife and Lennie leads to the destruction of life ( Lennie and Curley’s wife) as well as the destruction of George, Lenny, and Candy's dream of a farm of their own.