Of Mice and Men

How does John Steinbeck depict women in “Of Mice and Men”? Explain why the workers say that Curly’s wife can only bring troubles. Give examples from the story that support your view.

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Steinbeck's true intent doesn't really involve the depiction of women. The men who move from place to place are usually isolated from women, unless, of course, they meet them during their free time on a night out. Relationships aren't easily forged.... the men don't stay in one place long enough to have them, and women can't move a long temporarily while their husbands work.

Curley's wife symbolizes a different type of the isolation migrant ranchers experience. Her husband tends to ignore her in a place where there is no lack of available lonely men. Flirtation gets her attention..... the men love it..... her husband gets jealous. If we were to take Steinbeck's depiction as a general opinion of women, Curley's wife would be an insult to most women.