Of Mice and Men

How does george feel about curley?

Of mice and men

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He dislikes Curley because Curley seems to cause trouble for all of the people on the ranch. Curley is domineering, jealous, and does not know how to treat people with compassion and kindness. Curley's wife also causes problems with the ranch hands which then creates more problems with Curley. All around, there is no good feeling between George and Curley.

I think, more specifically, George worries that Curley is drawn to Lennie's vulnerabilities. Curley is the boss's son and exploits his authority. Curley is short and aggressive. George notices right away that Curley has a bad case of "small guy complex". George can see Curley's penchant for intimidating those he perceives as weak: especially men like Lennie who are bigger than he is. George knows that Curley will eventually attack Lennie in some way. He knows that this could get them "canned" (fired) and derail their dream of getting a farm,

George got up and went over to Lennie's bunk and sat down on it. "I hate that kinda bastard,"…I ain't mad at you. I'm mad at this here Curley bastard. I hoped we was gonna get a little stake together- maybe a hundred dollars."..."If he tangles with you, Lennie, we're gonna get the can... Don't never speak to him. If he comes in here you move clear to the other sideof the room"… ch 2