Of Mice and Men

Give details from chapter 6 (the final chapter) that show that George shoots Lennie with great reluctance and immense regret.

Give details on what George thinks, what he says, and what he does.

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George is in agony and is pretty much crying. He hesitaters and only pulls the trigger when he hears the dogs in the background.

Here is some text for you. George can here men and dogs coming in the background,

Lennie removed his hat dutifully and laid it on the ground in front of him. The shadow in the valley was bluer, and the evening came fast. On the wind the sound of crashing in the brush came to them.

Lennie said, “Tell how it’s gonna be.”

George had been listening to the distant sounds. For a moment he was businesslike. “Look acrost the river, Lennie, an’ I’ll tell you so you can almost see it.”