Of Mice and Men

Can anybody help i have an F in my 6B class & i really need help on this essay this is my second chance on this essay so i wont to bring my grade up at least too a C since this is worth 200 points PLEASE HELP ME

Lennie's heart is his best trait , but his strength is his worst enemy. I have to analyze two specific events that show how Lennie's strength puts him in difficult situations and ultimately costs him his life & use direct quotations & specific examples to support my view. 

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Lennie had a huge heart and a lot of love. Unfortunately, he didn't realize how great his strength was, and that strength combined with the love would lead to the death of others. Note, the mouse; the puppy; Curly's wife....... and even the girl in Weed. Lennie was harmless, unless he became angry or frightened. Either one of these emotions would lead to an over exertion of strength. You might also use Curly's hand as an example.


Of Mice and Men