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O Pioneers Quizzes

by Willa Cather

O Pioneers Quiz 1

1. What is the name of the poem at the beginning of I[O Pioneers!]?

  • Prairie Nights
  • Prairie Spring
  • Prairie Summer
  • Prairie Sunset

2. Where does I[O Pioneers!] take place?

  • Hanover, Nebraska
  • Hanover, Oklahoma
  • Omaha, Nebraska
  • Hanover, Kansas

3. "Some of them looked as if they had been moved in overnight, and others as if they awere straying off by themselves." What is the subject of this sentence?

  • Houses
  • Cows
  • Cowboys
  • Chickens

4. The first time Emil appears in the novel, he is

  • crying.
  • falling.
  • singing.
  • laughing.

5. Emil gets upset because he has lost his

  • kitten.
  • sister.
  • scarf.
  • candy.

6. What piece of unusual clothing does Alexandra wear when she is young?

  • a man's coat
  • men's boots
  • an old-fashioned kerchief
  • a man's hat

7. Why does Alexandra uncover her hair in the first scene of the novel?

  • She takes off the scarf when she goes indoors.
  • She wants Carl to see her beautiful hair.
  • She wants to use the scarf to help lure down the kitten.
  • She wants to give her scarf to Emil.

8. How does Alexandra react when the man comments on the beauty of her hair.

  • She blushes, showing her embarrasment.
  • She ignores him, showing her carelessness.
  • She smiles, showing her pleasure.
  • She glares, showing her disapproval.

9. What does the man who compliments Alexandra's hair symbolize?

  • the deterioration of morals on the frontier
  • the deteriorating effect of a lack of vocation or passion for one's labor
  • Alexandra's magnetic ability to influence those around her
  • the conflict between genders in the wilderness of the frontier

10. What is Carl Linstrum looking at when Alexandra finds him in town?

  • new sets of drawing pencils
  • new harnasses
  • silk neck-ties from Omaha
  • painting patterns

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