Number the Stars

I need help please.

How do Annmarie's experinces in chapters 6-11 force her to grow up in a way that Ellen is not forced to.

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In Chapter 8, Annemarie takes responsibility for Ellen by promising to keep her necklace safe. In Chapter 9, Annemarie protects Ellen again deciding not to tell her friend that the adults are lying about Great-Aunt Birte. Annemarie knows that telling Ellen the truth would make her feel better because it would ease the burden of this secret. However, she also knows that things will be easier in the long run for Ellen if she does not know the truth. The fact that Annemarie is able to prioritize the greater good over short-term relief shows that she is growing up.

Annemarie grows up in ways that Ellen does not because she takes on the role of Ellen's protector. Annemarie becomes a part of the protective circle. She doesn't want her freind frightened, and even as a girl, she understands how important it is to preserve her innocence.


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One way is that because Ellen doesn't have a sister so she is not as responsible but she still has to be . Also, Annemarie's older sister died when she was little and she is still a big sister to Kiristi ! This is what is forcing her to grow up.