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by Elie Wiesel

Night study guide contains a biography of Elie Wiesel, literature essays, quiz questions, major themes, characters, and a full summary and analysis.

Eliezer Wiesel is a fourteen-year-old boy living in Sighet, Transylvania, at the start of World War II. He is very devout and wants to study Jewish mysticism. His father, who is a prominent leader of the Jewish community, thinks that he is too young. Nevertheless, Eliezer starts studying the cabbala with Moché the Beadle, a poor and humble man who works in the Hasidic temple. Moché teaches him that he must seek to ask God the right questions even though we will never understand the answers he gives us.

Despite ominous signs, the Jews in Sighet refuse to believe that the Fascists could ever do anything to hurt them. Moché is deported along with other non-Hungarians and taken to a concentration camp. He manages to escape and comes back to warn…

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How To Get Free Tokens and Bananas For Minion Rush 2014


How to use Minion Rush Cheats

Despicable Me Minion Rush Cheats tool is totally easy and simple to use! It has only few options which are easy explainable as you will see from this text, which offers detailed instructions about how to use this tool. Only thing you need to take care of before starting Despicable Me Minion Rush Cheats tool is connecting your phone or tablet, or any gaming device you are using for playing this game, to the computer. To connect your device to the computer, you need to access local network by using WIFI or connect directly to the computer by USB cable. Wait until your computer recognizes the platform and its operating system before starting Despicable Me Minion Rush Hack. After starting it, first step is to choose the type of your device (in version 3.2 of Despicable Me Minion Rush Cheats tool, options for Android and iOS devices are installed) by checking the box next to it, before pressing “Search device” button. Wait until the Status changes to “Found”. This means that Minion Rush hack found the device with designated operating system, connected to your computer, and it also has installed game on it. In case there are several Android or iOS devices connected to your computer, Despicable Me Minion Rush Cheats tool will connect only to the one which has the game installed on it. In case there are several phones or tablets with installed game, he will randomly connect to the first one. To connect to other device, all you need to do is click again on “Search device” button and wait for our tool to switch devices. After proper device is found and connected to, you can continue to apply cheats you wanted. To apply desired cheat, all you need to do is check the box on the left side of its name, and enter the desired amount in the empty field on the right. Maximum amounts available are 99.999 in one use of Minion Rush Cheats tool. After that, all you need to do is click on the “Hack” button. You can monitor the progress of Despicable Me Minion Rush Hack by watching the progress bar in the bottom of the window. Wait for the bar to reach 100% and after you see the message “Hacks successfully applied to the game”, you can close the tool and start the game.

Additional advices

Just a little warning, though. Sometimes game server has a small delay before adding Tokens to your account. This delay is nothing much, around 10 to 15 minutes. However, if you try to use Despicable Me Minion Rush Cheats tool again in the meantime to add new amount of tokens, you will bug the game, and loose both amounts of tokens you wanted to add. Sometimes things can get even worse, as you whole game can glitch, requiring to uninstall it from the phone or tablet and reinstalling it again, clearing the cache in the meantime to remove the glitch completely. To avoid such inconvenience, please wait at least 15 minutes after using Despicable Me Minion Rush Hack before using it again. It can be used unlimited times anyway, so you will certainly have enough time to make unlimited stack of tokens and bananas. You should also check our site from time to time to get new updates. Current version of Minion Rush Cheats tool is less than a week old, but we publish regular updates for our tool after every major patch to the game, especially if it includes some changes in game security.

Minion Rush Cheats: Features

Minion Rush Cheats tool is very simple but effective tool. It has only two hacks for this wonderful game, but those two are all you will ever need to enjoy in it. Since there are two main resources in the game, we made hacks for both of them. First one, and most important, is the tokens hack. It can add up to 99.999 tokens in one use. Tokens are premium currency in the game, which means they can be bought only with real money. Although they are basically used for the same purpose as bananas, and that is to buy costumes and power ups, or upgrades for both of them, they are more powerful than bananas. They are only currency which can be used to buy golden prize pods, and multipliers for bananas and score. They can also be used for fast unlock of any location. Bananas are also important, and that is why we included hack for them too. Unlike Tokens hack, you can get up to 999.999 bananas in one use of Despicable Me Minion Rush Cheats tool. They are used for buying most of the none premium items in the game.

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How To Get Free Stars and Cash for Stardom Hollywood 2014


How to use Stardom Hollywood Hack tool

Using Stardom Hollywood Hack tool is absolutely easy and simple task which can be completed in few easy steps. Before starting Stardom Hollywood Cheats you should connect your gaming device to the same local network your computer is using. This is done most easily by connecting with WIFI or by using USB cable. You need to do this because Stardom Hollywood Hack tool must recognize your gaming device first and identify the gaming account for Stardom Hollywood before he can apply desired hacks to it. After you connected your phone or tablet to the local network you can start Stardom Hollywood Cheats. First thing you need to do is choosing the type of your gaming platform. You can choose between Android (including all tablets and smart phones with this operating system) and iOS (which includes all generations of iPhone, iPod touch and iPad). After making a choice just click on “Detect device” button. Wait until you see the status of device changes from “Device: undetected” to “Device: detected” and if that is the proper device with installed game you should also see the message “Game: installed and detected”. In case there are more than one android or iOS devices present on the same local network, Stardom Hollywood Hack tool will try to connect to the first one from the list. If you see some problem, like the message “Device: detected” but also “Game: not installed” you can switch to next device on the list by clicking “Refresh” button. This button will make Stardom Hollywood Cheats cycling through all devices on the network until it finds the right one. After connection with your gadget is established, you can proceed to choosing the hacks. To activate the hack, all you need to do is check he box on the left side of its name, and enter desired amount in empty text field. Maximum values are 9999 for Stars and Energy, but 99.999 for Cash. Last step in using Stardom Hollywood Hack tool is pressing the “Start Hack” button. You can watch the progress of our program on indicator bar in the bottom of the page. Wait until progress bar reaches 100% and the message ” Game successfully hacked” appears on the screen. After that you can close Stardom Hollywood Hack tool and start the game.

Available Stardom Hacks

There are three unique Stardom Hollywood Hacks presented in this tool. First and most important is the Stars Hack which adds up to 9999 stars to your account, every time you use it. Since stars are premium resource in the game (meaning you can buy them only with real money) this hack is huge help to the gamers who need stars for premium clothing, houses, furniture, clubs and pets. They are also used to speed up the time spent on waiting for scripts. There is also Cash hack which adds up to 99999 Cash per one use, and Energy hack which adds up to 9999 energy, allowing you to play Stardom Hollywood for as long as you want!

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How To Get Free Gems And Coins in Trials Frontier 2014


Trials Frontier Cheats Tool Features

Trials Frontier Cheats tool has three cheats implemented. Those are the cheats for three most important resources in the game. First and most important is the Gems cheat. Gems are the most important resource in the game, and can make it much easier and faster. Coins cheat is second cheat, which is also very important, because coins are main resource in the game used for buying parts, upgrades, new bikes and other stuff. Fuel cheat is last cheat which can make you play this fantastic game for as long as you want with unlimited fuel!

How to use Trials Frontier Cheats Tool

Using Trials Frontier Cheats tool is very easy task, and if you used any of the cheats for android or iOS devices ever before, you will be familiar with this one too. Before starting Trials Frontier Hack you need to have your gaming device connected to your computer. This can be done by accessing the same local network via WIFI or by connecting your phone or tablet to the computer with USB cable. No matter how you do it, wait for your computer to recognize the device before you open Trials Frontier Cheats tool. After starting it, first thing to do is choosing gaming platform. Offered choices are Android powered devices and iOS (which includes iPhone, iPad and iPod touch) devices. After that click on connect button. If you have connected your phone or tablet to the computer previously, Trials Frontier Hack will be able to recognize it and identify your gaming account on it. In case of several devices with android or iOS operating system attached to the computer, you can press “Connect” button again to cycle through all of them until you find the right one (you will notice the message “game: installed” appearing). After that you need to choose which cheats you want to apply to your gaming account. You can activate the cheat by entering any value in empty text field. Desired value can be in range between 1 and 9.999.999. After that all that is left is to press “Start” button. You can watch the progress bar to see how much time is left for Trials Frontier Cheats tool to finish hacking procedure. After the progress bar reaches 100% and message “Cheats successfully applied” you can close Trials Frontier Hack and start your game. All cheats and added resources will be available immediately. Only in case of Gems, sometimes there can be small delay of 5 to 10 minutes. In that case, please don’t use Trials Frontier Cheats tool again until you receive your gems. Otherwise, you might end up losing both old and new amount of gems added. Furthermore, in rare cases there can be a glitch appearing in game which requires whole app to be reinstalled. In order to avoid any inconvenience, please allow minimum of 10 minutes between two consecutive uses of Trials Frontier Cheats tool, especially if you are using the tool for adding Gems.

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