New Moon

Breaking dawn!

I know it's way to early but i'm already super excited about breaking dawn! How are they gonna do reneesme??? and what about them making in into 2-4 movies! I think 2 would be cool but more than that i would get sick of waiting for them to release them! So guys right what you think! thanks mycah

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hahaha- i feel the excitement!! Anymore than 2 would not be good- i mean, waiting for the second one would be torture enought- i wonder what they'll call the sequals to the sequal!! trippy! i was wondering what they were going to do with reneesme myself! or how they are going to protray her gift!!! Also kind of curious on who is going to play the character of Tanya. And that gang. I kind of always pictured her as this brown hair tanned skinned almost exotic girl that to a sense didnt even compare to bella. any hoot-- super stoked!!!