Does Jason and Medea show hubris (arrogant pride), ate (blind recklessness), and/or nemesis (final retribution) during their Quest for the Golden Fleece? If you believe so could you explain?


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Oh my! The hubris of these characters is almost legendary when one considers that Jason uses Medea to get what he wants (the Golden Fleece) and she is willing to do anything, including killing their children, to get even with Jason for betraying her with Glauce, the princess of Corinth. Their desire for something "they" want is indeed blind because they see nothing on either side of them; they only see the very narrow goal they want. And of course, the final retribution is more than one can imagine; Jason must live the rest of his life knowing that his actions caused the death of everyone he loved and Medea, while she escapes divine retribution in the play itself, must know she will suffer somehow, sometime in the future.