My Mortal Enemy


  • Myra Henshawe, maiden name Driscoll. She lives in New York City. She was brought up by her great uncle.
  • Oswald Henshawe His mother was German and his father an Ulster Protestant who didn't get on with Myra's great-uncle. He went to Harvard and then New York City.
  • Aunt Lydia She has three sons.
  • Cousin Bert
  • Nellie Birdseye. Later Myra calls her Mrs Casey.
  • Willy Bunch, the janitor's son.
  • John Driscoll, Myra's father. He died when she was very young.
  • Uncle Rob
  • Ewan Gray, a stage actor. He is Scottish and was reportedly wild in his youth.
  • Esther Sinclair, a woman of good family whom Ewan likes.
  • Mrs Hewes, Madame Modjedska's housekeeper.
  • Anne Aylward, a poet.
  • Jefferson de Angelais, a singer.
  • Helena Modjeska, Countess Bozenta-Chlapowska.
  • Emelia, a Polish singer.
  • Coquelin, a singer.
  • The Poindexters, upstairs neighbours.
  • Biddy Stirling, a librarian.
  • Father Fay, a Protestant parson.
  • Billy, the son of a friend of Myra's, who killed himself at age 23 because of a 'sordid love affair'.
  • A young woman whom Oswald goes to the restaurant with while his wife is ill.

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