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relation of antonia to land


howard b #43134
Jul 09, 2007 6:58 AM

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relation of antonia to land

I need to write a paper discussing the interrelatedness of antonia and the land - can anyone help with suggested passages where this relation is particularly apt?

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adam y #45820
Oct 01, 2007 7:13 PM

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For your paper, I would like to give you some insight about your inquisitive nature about the land. If you remember reading, explicitly throughout the story Antonia as well as Jim Burden, are both coming to a ubiquitous and unidentifiable place for the first time. This new experience is befitting for the modernistic approach as well as the pastoral ism which  Cather frequently references. The main ideological approach that truly answers you question arises, when Antonia becomes engaged to Larry Donovan and then returns back to Black Hawk. She then arduously begins to work the land even though she is pregnant. Comparatively to the beginning of the ,Antonia worked harder than any guy and she was competitive, it was the land that made her resilient and less docile, so her returning to the land was thought to invigorate her spirit once more. Her relation to the land is more than just a living environment, it's nurturing and romanticized often citing and venerating back to the old ways of life. Oppositional to Neoclassicism. The land shapes and formulates all the fundamental characteristics of Antonia.

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