Much Ado About Nothing

Hero is set up by Don John

External or Internal?

How did characters attempt to solve the problem/conflict?

What was the result in the end?

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Hero tells her father and the others that she has know idea what man Claudio thinks he saw her with. Leonato swears that if she is lying, he will hurt her, but if Claudio and Don Pedro maliciously harmed her honor then he will be avenged on them. Friar Francis tells Leonato to pretend that Hero has died of shame. He tells Leonato that if Hero pretends to be dead, instead of remembering her dishonor people will pity her and even Claudio will regret his words. Benedick promises to keep the secret as well, in spite of his intimacy with Claudio.

Don John flees from town. Eventually, Hero gets her man.


Much Ado About Nothing