Main characters

  • Steve Harmon: A 16-year-old African American boy on trial for felony murder.
  • Kathy O'Brien: Steve Harmon's defense attorney, who does not know if he is guilty or innocent and is suspicious, but still tries her best to defend him.
  • Sandra Petrocelli: The Assistant District Attorney who prosecutes Steve and James King, labeling them "monsters" to the jury.
  • James King: The 23-year-old defendant who is alleged to have encouraged Steve to join the robbery; he is also said to be directly responsible for the death of the store owner, Mr. Nesbitt.
  • Richard "Bobo" Evans: The 22-year-old defendant who planned the robbery; the prosecution uses his testimony against King and Steve because he is receiving a smaller sentence.
  • Asa Briggs: The defense attorney for James King; he has blue eyes and white hair.
  • Osvaldo Cruz: A 14-year-old boy, slim and well-built, who has a tattoo of a devil's head on his left forearm and one of a dagger on the back of his right hand between his thumb and forefinger. He is in a gang, The Diablos, and has been arrested multiple times. He argues that he only participated in the robbery because of his fear of Bobo, though his violent gang history makes this excuse doubtful.
  • José Delgado: A young, well built drugstore clerk, and the first person to see the murdered Nesbitt.
  • Salvatore Zinzi: A criminal in jail telling the story he heard to get a break in his jail sentence. He was not part of this crime.
  • Alguinaldo Nesbitt: The man murdered in the store during the robbery.
  • Jerry Harmon: Steve's younger brother.
  • George Sawicki: Steve's film club teacher.

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