Moby Dick

Explain the relationship between Ishmael and Queeqeug in Moby Dick.

The changes, development, and interactions between them in the book.

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Ishmael meets Queequeg, a harpooner from New Zealand who will also sail wit him on the Pequod. At first Queequeg appears dangerous. That changes when he and Ishmael must share a bed together and the narrator very quickly grows fond of the uncivilized harpooner. Then,Ishmael and Queequeg come across a local townsperson who makes fun of and annoys Queequeg. However, when this guy fell overboard, Queequeg saves him. The author seems to make them a type of odd couple with Ishmael as the civilized well mannered whaler and the Queequeg as a type of savage who seems to scare people off.


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