Mississippi Trial, 1955

What was Hiram's argument for testifying? Chapter 12

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From the text:

R.C. scared me, for sure, but shouldn’t I tell all the truth, even if I was afraid?
Thinking about R.C made me shiver. “I know I’d be crazy to tell everything at that trial; R.C. scares me to death. If I had my choice, I’d be on a train tonight headed back to Tempe. But Emmett Till is dead, Grampa, for no good reason. He had as much right to be here in Leflore County as I do. He was just a kid, a kid like me—”
“Hold on, son. He was a colored boy who didn’t know his place.”
“That doesn’t give R.C. and those two other men the right to murder him.”
“But it did happen, and that boy is dead, and we both know that R. C. Rydell had something to do with it. Sure he scares me, but don’t I owe Emmett something? Isn’t it my duty to do something about it?”

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