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Michael Vey: Battle of the Ampere is the third book of the seven book Michael Vey series, written by Richard Paul Evans.[1] It was published September 17, 2013 by Simon Pulse/Mercury Ink. The first book in the series, Michael Vey: The Prisoner of Cell 25, was #1 on the New York Times Best Seller list.[2]

Plot Summary

Following where the previous book left off, Michael is held by tribe of natives. During this time, he meets a new Glow: Tessa, known before as Tesla, who escaped from Hatch. She is able to increase the powers of the other electric children. Michael is soon told he and Tessa are going to meet Jaime, the man who helped the Electroclan in the previous book. As they depart, Tessa has a tearful goodbye with one of the tribal women whom she calls her mother. Jaime takes them to his base camp where they are ambushed by Elgen guards. As Michael, Tessa, and Jamie are attacked, the native tribe that helped Michael and Tessa is wiped out by Dr. Hatch's Elgen guards. Michael is forced to kill the guards with the camp's security system to evade capture. Jaime, Tessa, and Michael destroy the camp and hike away to prevent the Elgen from learning anything.

Concurrently, Hatch arrives at the Ampere, the luxury super yacht that serves as Elgen's headquarters. Chairman Schema and most of the board members blame him for losing billions of dollars for the corporation as a result of their Peruvian plant being shut down. Hatch tries to defend himself by pinning the blame on the Electroclan, stating that they shut down the plant, not him. Schema deflects the statement by pointing out that if Hatch had followed his directions from the previous book, the company wouldn't have lost billions of dollars and Peru wouldn't have lost all of its electricity. As Hatch is sent to the brig, only board members Six, Seven, and Eleven believe that Hatch should remain free. Schema has the deposed board members arrested. Hatch escapes the brig with the help of his Glows. He has the only five guards on the ship loyal to him join him and the Glows for the takeover, as more will be arriving by helicopter. Hatch, the Glows, the guards, and the three board members loyal to him storm into the boardroom and capture Schema and the other board members. Ten is thrown off the ship with his hands tied behind his back, and Hatch illegitimately appoints himself as the new chairman of Elgen Incorporated.

Meanwhile, Taylor and the rest of the Electroclan have been arrested by the Peruvian Armed Forces for destroying the Elgen's power plant (and shutting down almost all of Peru's electricity). However, many of the Peruvian soldiers are actually working for the Hatch and the Elgen in disguise. While being interrogated, Taylor inadvertently tells the Elgen about the voice that has been helping them. Ostin leads an escape attempt, but the group is captured by Elgen agents serving in the Peruvian military and then re-captured by a group of actual Peruvian militarists.

After extensive hiking, Michael, Tessa, and Jaime set a trap to disrupt the convoy carrying the rest of the Electroclan. Michael manages to stop the convoy and frees everyone but Taylor and Jack who were taken by an Elgen bounty hunter. The Electroclan rescues them, but Wade is killed by a stray Elgen bounty-hunter. After an improvised memorial service, the Electroclan go to a hotel to meet Jaime, avoiding the risk of being seen because the military and police are searching for them as the terrorists who tried to put Peru in a crisis.

Jaime takes them to a safe house where they are told that Hatch plans to use the Elgen fleet to take over a small island country and from there build an arsenal of EMPs to take over the world. The Electroclan is to destroy the fleet's flagship: the Ampere. However, Ian, Zeus, Abigail, and Tessa, who are tired of running, decide to leave. Michael, Taylor, Ostin, McKenna, and Jack attack the "Ampere", and free Schema and the disinclined board of directors, but are cornered in the ship's engine room. As they prepare to detonate the bomb manually, the Elgen attack ship, the Watt explodes and Tessa, Zeus, Abigail, and Ian return. The Ampere is then blown up while everyone escapes.

During a celebration for the mission's success, Taylor and Michael award Wade the Electroclan Medal of Valor to commemorate his sacrifice and to ease a grieving Jack. Jaime allows Michael and Ostin to talk to their parents. The joy is cut short when it is revealed that Hatch managed to escaped the ship with his Glows and loyal guards before it blew up and has kidnapped a child prodigy in China, known as Jade Dragon, who has figured out how to fix the MEI machine and create more electric children.


The sequel of this book, Michael Vey: Hunt For Jade Dragon was published on September 16, 2014.

Main characters
  • Michael Vey: A Glow. The main protagonist of the series. Has Tourette's syndrome, and electrical shocking powers (known as "surging" or "pulsing"). A 15-year-old Jack Bauer with superpowers. Leader of the Electroclan.
  • Taylor Ridley: A Glow. Former high school cheerleader and girlfriend of Vey. Scrambles brain signals known in the book as "rebooting". Member of the electroclan.
  • Ostin: A Non-Electric. Best friend of Michael Vey, no electric powers, super smart. (IQ 165)
  • Dr. C. J. Hatch: A Non-Electric. The main antagonist of the book. Former CEO of the Elgen Corporation, currently chairman.
  • Ian: A Glow. Member of the Electroclan. He can see through walls by electrolocation.
  • Abigail: A Glow. Member of the Electroclan. Stimulate nerve endings to take away pain, but still feels some of it.
  • McKenna: A Glow. Member of the Electroclan. Creates heat and light.
  • Jack: A Non-Electric. Member of the Electroclan. Martial arts. Drives.
  • Wade: A Non-Electric. Member of the Electroclan. Martial arts. Drives.
  • Zeus: A Glow. Member of the Electroclan. Discharges lightning.
  • Tessa: A Glow. Member of the Electroclan. Enhance electric powers of other electric children.
  • Tanner: A Glow. Creates mechanical problems, usually brings down planes.
  • Grace: A Glow. Human flash drive
  • Tara: A Glow. Is loyal to Hatch. Can affect emotions. Is Taylor's evil twin.
  • Quentin: A Glow. Is loyal to Hatch. Can create an electromagnetic pulse.
  • Torstyn: A Glow. Is loyal to Hatch. Produces microwaves. Sadistic and nasty.
  • Bryan: A Glow. Is loyal to Hatch. Can cut through items with a concentrated beam.
  • Kylee: A Glow. Is loyal to Hatch. Magnetic powers which allows her to walk on metal walls.
  • Jaime: A Non-Electric. A jungle guide who works for the voice.
  • The Voice: A Non-Electric. A mysterious ally of the Electroclan.
  • Giacomo Schema: The former chairman of Elgen Inc. and its forces. Currently a runaway fugitive.
  • Board Members: The directors formerly in charge of Elgen. Ten and Two are killed during Hatch's takeover, and Eleven, Seven, and Six are the only board members loyal to Hatch.
  • Captain Welch: Chief of Elgen Army, ally of the commander of the Peruvian Army. Has influence over Peruvian Army and Elgen Army.

A launch party in Salt Lake City, Utah in September 2013 drew approximately 3,000 people.[3] The book debuted as USA Today's #10 best-selling book in September 2013.[4]

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