Main characters

  • Matty – first introduced in Gathering Blue, Matty came to the village when he was younger because he had been looking for blue as a gift for Kira. He stumbled upon village and was welcome there with open arms. He became the village messenger, since he is one of the few people who have not been warned by the forest. He has a special gift that he uncovers through the novel, the power to heal.
  • Seer – Christopher, a blind man first introduced in Gathering Blue; Seer is wise and has the ability to remember things, he can also hear very well. He is Matty's guardian, who lives with him and helps to take care of him. He is also father to Kira.
  • Kira – Seer's daughter and the main character of Gathering Blue. She lives in a nearby village, and when the villagers vote to close the village to newcomers, Matty crosses the forest to get her so she can come live with her father. She was born with a crooked leg.
  • Leader – Jonas, the main character of The Giver. Gabe, the boy Jonas takes with him on his escape in that book, briefly appears in this book as well. Jonas is in charge of the village and has the gift of future sight. He is wise and helps Matty with advice.
  • Mentor – The schoolteacher, leader of the villagers who want to close the Village after he goes to Trade Mart.
  • Jean – Mentor's flirtatious daughter.
  • Frolic – Matt's new frisky puppy, a gift from Jean.

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