Merchant of Venice

Who were Hercules and Lichas ?

Act 2 , scene 1.

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The mention of Hercules and Lichas in Act II, Scene I, is an allusion to mythology. Hercules is the mythological hero, and Lichas was his servant. Shakespeare actually makes numberous allusions to mythological charcacters throughout the text.


Merchant of Venice

Hercules was the reputed grandson of Alcaeus.So, he was also known as Alcides, the name being derived from his ancestor. Hercules was the son of Zeus and Alemena. He was one of the great heroes of the Greeks renowned for his strength and exploits. He is very famous for the twelve labours performed by him. He is the type of strength and manliness, therefore Morocco refers to him.

                                                  Lichas was an attendant of Hercules. Unfortunately, he brought his master a poisoned shirt. The poison in the shirt penetrated the body of Hercules and caused him great agony. Hercules in his anger and fury, seized Lichas by the feet and threw him into the sea. Hercules raised a pile of wood on Mount Oeta, and while the pile was burning he was carried to Olympics and made immortal.