Merchant of Venice

Who is Jessica, and in her soliloquy at the end of act 2 scene iii, what does she tell of her feelings and what she plans to do?

i mostly need help with what does she tell of her feelings and what she plans to do?

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Jessica, the daughter of Shylock, meets with Lancelot and tells him that she will miss him after he leaves to go work for Bassanio. She hands him a letter to take to Lorenzo, who is supposed to be a guest of Bassanio's that night. After Lancelot leaves, Jessica informs the audience that she is in love with Lorenzo, a Christian. She intends to meet him soon and run away from her father's house in order to marry Lorenzo.


At the end if the soliloquy, Jessica says goodbye to laucelot, and claims to be ashamed of being her father's child, which later tells us of her feelings of shame and guilt which have motivated her to elope. Concerning her later claims of Lorenzo keeping his promise and becoming a Christian, she slightly exposes her later plans of running away, deserting her father shylock and her thoughts to elope. Furthermore, she says something that resembles"all this will be over", which represents her life, her style of living and her somewhat oppressed lifestyle due to gender stereotypes in those days in Venice. It tells the reader of her inner intentions, feelings and her further plans.