Merchant of Venice

The play shows that women are smart creatures and that Jews are evil, explain.

please give answers quickly.

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I don't think that the play is that defined. Certainly Shylock fits the stereotype of the money hoarding vindictive Jew yet Shakespeare delves deeper than stereotype. Christians constantly alienate Shylock. Anti-Semitism was a reality in medieval and Renaissance times. I am inclined to think Shakespeare was simply reflecting the realities of the times. He was holding a mirror to society and letting the audience form their own convictions. Women are shown to be intelligent and clever. Portia can disguise herself as a man and be more eloquent and intelligent than any man. She can also be as ruthless and clever as any man when it comes to justice, the law, and punishment. Indeed, she uses her clever wit to undo Shylock without showing a hint of remorse.