Merchant of Venice


quotes for shylock's greediness (talking about money - obsessed, only wanting what's best for him, etc.)

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I hate him for he is a Christian;

But more for that in low simplicity

He lends out money gratis, and brings down

The rate of usance here with us in Venice.

(I, iii)

Shylock hates Christians because the lend money for free.

Here is another one. It is a discourse between Shylock and Bassanio


Antonio is a good man.


Have you heard any imputation to the contrary?


Ho, no, no, no, no; my meaning in saying he is a good man

is to have you understand me that he is sufficient; (1.3.5)

Shylock reveals his own prejudices about money here. When he talks about people's "goodness," he's not evaluating morality or character, just whether they're good for their borrowed money


who are the most important characters with a strong relationship with shylock.

Certainly Jessica, Shylock's , daughter is closely connected with him. Jessica really hates the restrictions living in her father's house but she is his daughter. Tubal is another Jew in Venice and seems to pass as a friend to Shylock.

who are the most important characters that have a close relationship with Shylock

wouldn't Antonio be one?

No, I wouldn't call Antonio a "friend". Although they have a history together, Antonio is a Christian. Shylock complains that even Antonio talks ill about him behind his back. In the end Shylock demands a pound of his flesh, that can't be good!

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are there any specific quotes for Shylock's faithfulness

from Merchant of Venice? Thank-you very much. i am trying to do my best on this project that i have, and everyone in my school (in saskatchewan), but there are a lot of things that are confusing to me, so thankyou very much for clearing my questions up!