Merchant of Venice

Act 2,Scene 3

what is jessica plannig, and how does she feel about her father?

describe the scene where Jessica says goodbye to Launcelot.

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Jessica's interests are focused primarily on her love for Lorenzo, so she sees her father only as an obstacle to her enjoying a romantic relationship. She is saddened by Lancelot's decision to leave Shylock and work for Bassanio instead, but she understands that he might be able to help her in her desire to be with Lorenzo. She gives him a letter, hoping that he will be able to give it to Lorenzo at Bassanio's party.

Jessica is pretty mean to her father. Although she is a Jew herself, she seems eager to forfeit her identity to run off with Lorenzo and become a Christian. She is well aware of how this will affect her father. Her act will be an unspeakable heresy and betrayal. Not only does she plan on running off but she also wants to steal Shylock's riches.

Jessica is planning to leave her father and take all the money and jewels and run away with Lorenzo and then become a Cristian. she feels that her father is oppressing her 349 5