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In The Merchant of Venice, the true religion of Launcelot Gobbo is highly controversial as no mention of it has been directly made anywhere in the play by Shakespeare. So which religion does Launcelot Gobbo belong to?

In Act II Scene 5, Shylock refers to him as "Hagar's offspring" and Hagar is known to be a Gentile (= non-Jew), suggesting he might have been a Christian. Launcelot even said, "I am a Jew if I serve the Jew any longer", in Act II Scene 2. But it doesn't seem too natural for Shylock to keep him in his service if he was a Christian, mistrusting and a hater of Christianity as Shylock is.

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In which way do you think music is important in the play?

the significant of the music for lovers and how it makes harmony.. Shylock who is out of harmony dose not like music

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