Me Before You Characters

Me Before You Character List

Louisa Clark

Louisa is a directionless and whimsical young woman, who has drifted from job to job throughout her entire adult life. She has a passion for clothes and whimsical fashion, her only significant interest, and often feels like an outsider in her family, where she’s overshadowed by her bright younger sister. She takes a job as the caretaker of Will Traynor, a young quadriplegic, to support both herself and her family. She is quirky and optimistic and sees the best in everything.

Will Traynor

Will Traynor is a quadriplegic, who led a life full of excitement and adventure prior to his injury- he worked a high profile job in finance, and enjoyed travel and extreme sports. After being injured in a motorcycle accident he became a recluse and grew extremely depressed and bitterly sarcastic.


Nathan is Will’s nurse. The two grow close in the years that Nathan cares for him, and he is a very laid-back, caring man. He and Louisa become friends after she starts working for the Turners, and although he’s initially somewhat reluctant to participate in her plans to cheer Will up, he eventually jumps on board.

Camilla Traynor

Camilla is Will’s mother, and first hires Louisa. While at first she appears cold and uncaring, and Louisa is very intimidated by her, but she genuinely cares about her son and wants the best for him. Even though she is generally composed and refined, Will’s accident rattled her.

Stephen Traynor

Stephen is Will’s father. He is also very composed and rarely shows his true feelings, but his son’s accident shook him as well. He has had multiple affairs since the accident, and his and his wife’s marriage is on the rocks during the time of the novel.

Josie Clark

Josie is Louisa’s mother. She’s warm and compassionate, and is a highly-involved mother; she is always busy and constantly running around the house, caring for her children, husband, nephew, and father. She has a good relationship with the rest of her family and defends her daughters.

Bernard Clark

Bernard is Louisa’s father. He has had difficulty with his job and feels uncomfortable as he cannot provide fully for his family. He has a very sarcastic and biting sense of humor, and pokes fun at his children often, but does really love them.

Katrina/Treena Clark

Treena is Louisa’s sister and is the “angel child” of the family; she’s very smart and very successful at everything she does. She got pregnant unexpectedly while she was halfway through university and ended up dropping out, and her son, Thomas, lives with the rest of the family. She decides to go back to school about halfway through the novel, something that Louisa is grateful for because she’s finally able to get out from under her sister’s shadow. Louisa sometimes resents her for her success, but at the end of the day, they do care about each other.


Patrick is Louisa’s boyfriend of several years, who has recently become obsessed with physical fitness and health. He obsessively trains for marathons and spends most of his time with his running friends, and his and Louisa’s relationship often takes a backseat to his fitness training. Their relationship isn’t really going anywhere, and he disapproves of her work with Will.

Georgina Traynor

Georgina is Will’s younger sister. She is often absent from the family, as she lives in Australia, but she disapproves of his decision to end his life.


Alicia is Will’s former fiancée, who he split up with a year after his accident. She is very posh and refined and invites Will to her wedding.

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