when vladek volunteered for a labor assignment he was relocated, describe the work and sleeping quarters in this new camp

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The Jewish prisoners are forced to live outside in tents in the bitter autumn cold and are fed only crusts of bread, while the Polish prisoners stay inside in heated cabins and receive two meals a day. Though it is cold, Vladek goes to the river every morning to bathe so as to keep away the lice that attacked so many of his comrades. To pass the time, he does gymnastics, plays chess, and prays. Vladek wakes up one morning to find a sign requesting workers and advertising good food and accommodation. He volunteers, and when he arrives at the camp, he is given his own bed and a full day to rest. The labor is hard work, literally moving mountains to flatten the terrain, and some men are too weak or old to do it.


•At the POW camp, the Jewish prisoners are treated much worse than the other prisoners. They are given unheated cabins and little food. So, six months later, when the Germans ask for volunteers for other labor projects, Vladek volunteers.

•At the labor camp, conditions are much better, but the work is still brutal and they are still treated cruelly by the German soldiers.