What is the internal conflict of Anja, Vladek and Art? How is it finally resolved by each other?


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Anja is Art's mother and Vladek's first wife. Anja commits suicide in 1968, leaving both Art and Vladek in emotional turmoil. Art's last memory of his mother is recorded in a comic called "Prisoner on the Hell Planet," in which she enters Art's room and asks him if he still loves her. His response, a terse and dismissive "sure," haunts him for years. Art was never really respected by Vladek. To Vladek Art was a weak child and now he makes comic books for a living. Art does his best to care for Vladek out of duty. There is so much family turmoil that has not been dealt with. Vladek cannot get past the Holocaust, even on his death bed. His last words of the story, in which he accidentally calls Art by the name of his son who died in the war, provide a final testament to the continuing relevance of the Holocaust in Vladek's life.