can i have 10 question about the book maus !


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What sort of questions?

the book

any question about the book

I'll try to get you some later tonight. I have to go right now.

If you google maus questions and answers you'll find a number of questions available. These were first that I opened.

Also, there are dozens of questions already asked and answered here on gradesaver. Just go to the Maus question and answer area.

1. How did Vladek influence Artie's Career? Why? What does the Prisoner on the Hell Planet tell about their relationship?

2. Read page 109. What year is it, why/what don't believe is true?

3. What happened to RIchieu? Why?

4. How did Vladek's family escape raids in Srodula? Why was it effective?

5. What is the Judenrat? What happened to them and then the ghettos?

6. How did the events change things in the family? What are Vladek's cousins like?

7. What were the final days in the ghetto like?

8. Does Vladek love Mala? Explain.

1. Explain Vladek's statement in panel 1 on page 137.

2. What role do Monotowsz and Kawka play in Vladek's survival?

3. How do Vladek and Anja end up at Auchwitz?

4. Why does Artie call his father a murderer?