7. Maus portrays the Holocaust or a genocide. A genocide is a deliberate and systematic destruction of a racial, political, or cultural group. Do you know of any recent genocides? How are these genocides similar to the Holocaust? How are they different


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The Holocaust had to do with Hitler's deliberate attempt to commit genocide on the Jewish people. Really they are not much different. The point is far more complex than this. What makes the Jewish Holocaust unique is that an entire bureaucratic apparatus was created to define who they were, where they should live or be forced to live, and eventually, to see that they would live no more. This was not murder as a byproduct of war, not casualties as a result of skirmishes or partisan activities, but the end-result of an ideology that had for years been calling Jews vermin and also calling for their destruction. This was a sophisticated machine, an industry developed to exterminate first and foremost the Jews of Europe. For example, although Auschwitz was not built to kill Jews, Jews became its primary victims: 1.35 of the 1.6 million killed there, according to Yehuda Bauer. Check this out in the source-link below.