Matilda Themes

Matilda Themes


This is extremely prevalent in the scene where Lavender pranks Ms. Trunchbull by placing a newt in her glass of water. Matilda takes the blame for the prank even though Lavender was the instigator. This willingness to defend her friend and prevent any harm from coming to her is reflective of Matilda’s selfless character and the lengths she goes to protect those she cares for.


This is made extremely clear when Ms. Honey implies that Ms. Trunchbull killed her father for the sake of obtaining his wealth. It gives the book a darker undertone as it gives more depth to the character of Ms. Trunchbull. She is not merely a bully but also a murderer too, which makes her more threatening in the eyes of the reader.


Ms. Trunchbull is the concept of greed throughout the book. There are no limits as to what she would do in order to gain power, money and respect. She continuously wants more and more. Indeed, she stole Ms. Honey’s rightful assets and forced her to leave her own house.


Matilda longs to be accepted by her parents and to fit into their type of world but she also cannot and does not want to change herself. Eventually, Matilda realized that longing for something that is never going to happen has no purpose and so she begins identifying in people whole appreciate her for herself.

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