Matilda Essay Questions

Essay Questions

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    What does the story of Matilda say about the relationship between goodness and literacy?

    Characters in the text have a dichtomous relationship with literacy, one that is synonymous with morality. It is no coincidence that the hero of the story is a girl who loves reading. Through the story of Matilda, Dahl suggests that reading is essential for intellectual and moral development. Matilda's parents, who repeatedly deny Matilda books are ignorant and criminals. Miss Honey who seeks to foster Matilda's love for reading is Matilda's salvation. 


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    How are Matilda's and Miss Honey's stories similar? 

    Both Matilda and Miss Honey's stories are closely related. Both of them have unhappy childhoods but used education and reading as a means of escape. Matilda finds solice in the local library and Miss Honey takes a job as a teacher to leave home. Education becomes a means for both characters to express themselves and escape from their dissatisfaction with the world. 

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