Secondary characters

Cassia's Grandfather

As each citizen is poisoned to die on their 80th birthday, Cassia witnesses her grandfather's death early on in the book. He was an Official and a sorter before he retired but shows a small piece of rebellion toward the Society when he gives Cassia the poem and then asks his son, Cassia's Father, not to hand in the tissue sample to the Society that may be used to recreate the dead if the Society ever finds a way. His wife, Cassia's grandmother died young from one of the last types of cancer that the Society had not cured. He also had children late, making him slightly different to the ordinary citizen.

Bram Reyes

Bram is Cassia's little brother and he is 10 years old. He is kind and an ordinary kid. He loved his grandfather very deeply. Before his grandfather died, he gave Bram his watch. Bram treasured this gift and used it to remember his grandfather. Bram was in First School during this book.

Molly Reyes

Molly Reyes is Cassia's mother and is originally from the farmlands. She works in agriculture and goes on 2 business trips throughout the book. She is married to Abran Reyes and is also the mother of Bram. She expresses love to her husband and children. She's always looking out for them. She's devoted to her work and rule following. She considers herself lucky to have such a great husband. Not everyone's matched to the right person. She's aware of what's going on around her and her family.

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