Main characters

Cassia Maria Reyes

The 17-year-old female protagonist of the novel. Cassia lives within the Society with her parents, Abran and Molly Reyes, and her younger brother, Bram. Upon her 17th birthday, she is Matched, as is every other citizen who isn't an aberration/related to one. She has been matched with Xander Thomas Carrow, a fun, intelligent boy whom she has known her entire life. But, when a glitch in the matching system appears, Cassia sees Ky's face instead of Xander. She wonders who she will choose, between perfection or passion. Now she questions, does she want Xander? Or does she want Ky? What will her choice be?

Xander Thomas Carrow

Xander is Cassia's childhood best friend, and has been Matched with Cassia. In the beginning Cassia cannot believe her fortune: that she is matched with her best friend that she has known for 17 years and it is unusual for people who already know each other to be matched, and Xander is her borough's golden boy - a handsome, intelligent, kind and caring young man who follows all of the rules. Xander has always loved her for as long as he can remember. He is also acquainted with Ky Markham; they both belong to the same social circle with Cassia and a few others. As the novel progresses, more of Xander's underlying character is revealed, and he turns out to be much different than he seems to be on the surface and will reveal his true self in the next book in the series, "Crossed."

Ky Markham

Ky is an Aberration, a person who has been revoked of Citizen status because of his father's acts against the Society. Ky was adopted by his paternal aunt Aida Markham, and her husband Patrick Markham as a replacement for their son who was murdered, something that almost never happens in the Society. Because of his status as an Aberration, Ky has dropped out of high school early and taken up a work assignment as a nutrition disposal worker. In addition, he will never be allowed put himself into the official Matching pool, and is thus not supposed to be Matched with anyone. Nonetheless, his face briefly appears on Cassia's microcard, which arises curiosity and results in an increased interest in him. Ky secretly harbors strong feelings for Cassia, even though she has been matched with Xander. They begin to spend more time together in their summer recreational activity - hiking. As Ky helps Cassia cover up some illicit activity, the two begin to fall in love.

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