Mary Barton


  • Mary Barton – The eponymous character, a very beautiful girl.
  • Mrs Mary Barton – Mary's mother, who dies early on.
  • John Barton – Mary's father, a millworker, active member in trade unions.
  • George Wilson – John Barton's best friend, a worker at John Carson's mill.
  • Jane Wilson – George Wilson's wife, short-tempered.
  • Jem Wilson – Son of George and Jane, an engineer and inventor who has loved Mary from his childhood.
  • John Carson – Wealthy owner of a mill in Manchester.
  • Harry Carson – Son of John Carson, attracted to Mary.
  • Alice Wilson – George Wilson's sister, a pious old washerwoman, herbalist, sick-nurse.
  • Margaret Jennings – Neighbour of Alice, blind, a sometime singer, a friend to Mary.
  • Job Legh – Margaret's grandfather, a self-taught naturalist.
  • Ben Sturgis – An old sailor, who looks after Mary during her stay in Liverpool.
  • Will Wilson – Alice's nephew (Jem's cousin), whom she raised after the death of his parents. A sailor, he falls in love with Margaret.
  • Esther (last name unknown) — Sister of Mrs Mary Barton, she is a fallen woman and on the periphery for most of the story.

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