Man and Superman

Scene of a dead superman

I am having trouble of where I remember a specific scene of a dead superman.  Leading up to this scene, Superman give Lois a crystal for safe keeping.  Later on, Superman dies (I forget how).  There is an open casket funeral (I believe indoors).  As Lois approaches the casket, she cries, and figures there is no longer any reason to keep the crystal.  So she puts the crystal in the casket with Superman.  Some time later Superman is alive.  He explains to lois he's alive because of the crsytal Lois put in the casket with him brought him back to life.

I originally thought this was from Superman 4 movie with Cristopher Reeves.  But I just saw the movie twice and could not find the scene.  Now I'm going crazy.  Did I make this up?  IS this scene from a comic book, novel, or animated film?

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Sorry, I'd love to help you but I'm not familiar enough with Superman.