Witches's relationships

What are the most involved characters that have a relationship with the witches?

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The most involved would be Macbeth followed by Banquo and then L. Macbeth. Macbeth becomes totally dependant on the witches both psychologically and emotionally. They will be his undoing. Banquo rebuked the witches but Macbeth's slide into insecurity, caused by in large part the witches, leads to Banquo's murder. L. Macbeth is even more excited about the witches suggestions than Macbeth. She drives things along for Macbeth. In the end, the witches aid in the undoing of all of them.

The witches also have a relationship with Hecate, who is actually the goddess of witchcraft and who rules over the witches. In Act 3, Hecate reprimands the three witches and takes them to task for excluding her from their meetings with Macbeth. Hecate is an integral part of Act 3, and she ultimately is the one who will reveal what will cause Macbeth's downfall.