Lord of the Flies

What is lost with the death of Simon?

Last questions I am not understanding.

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We must first understand what Simon represents in the novel. From the beginning, Golding develops Simon as a Christ-figure. Simon takes on many of the characteristics that Christ had. Simon does not say too much but when he does speak it is to reveal some sort of truth. He defends the weak (Piggy,littluns) and he prefers to think in solitude. Simon is the only boy who understands the nature of the Beast; he knows the beast lives within all the boys. So what have the boys lost? They have lost everything. Simon's sense of wisdom, compassion, and understanding were unique. Other boys, including Piggy, could not grasp the essence of humanity which Simon espoused. I always maintain that it is of little consequence when the boys are finally saved; they were damned the minute they killed young Simon.

Thanks! That helps so much.