Lord of the Flies

What is littluns?describe it.

Easy description of littluns from lord of the flies chapter-3 " Huts on the Beach"

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Simply, the littluns are the younger boys who are among those marooned on the island. They are in the younger ages, about 6 and below. They have not yet transitioned into the older group which has its adventures with the older boys who become more savage as the novel goes on and Jack leads them. At some level they symbolize a sense of innocence and almost a need to be protected from the savagery of the uncivilized older "biguns."

The "littluns" are simply the small children from roughly 5 to 10 years old. They inhabit a world separate from the "bigguns". They are neglected and basically keep to themselves. They play and eat fruit and go to the bathroom; that is their life. The only "biggun"to help them is, of course, Simon, "the fruit they could not reach...[and] passed them back down to the endless, outstretched hands."