Lord of the Flies

What does simon say to raplh that makes them both smile? Think carefully about Simon's choice of words-dor you think it foreshadows something that might happen later in the novel?

Chapter 7

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From the text:

“All the same. You’ll get back all right. I think so, anyway.”

Some of the strain had gone from Ralph’s body. He glanced at the sea and then smiled bitterly at Simon.

“Got a ship in your pocket?”

Simon grinned and shook his head.

“How do you know, then?”

When Simon was still silent Ralph said curtly, “You’re batty.”

Simon shook his head violently till the coarse black hair flew backwards and forwards across his face.

“No, I’m not. I just you’ll get back all right.” For a moment nothing more was said. And then they suddenly smiled at each other.

Foreshadowing...... note, Simon says "you'll get back", which foreshadows that he with not.


Lord of the Flies