Lord of the Flies

what are the boys limitation in lord of the flies

in lord of the flies

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They are limited by a lack of experience in terms of survival. They also are very concrete in their thinking and have trouble conceptualizing beyond what to eat and drink. They only go by the rules set up by their leaders/society, and they want to play rather than be serious and work. They are easily molded by their leaders, either good or bad. And they descend into savagery quickly.

The boys are unable to establish an island society because of the disagreements between them in reference to what is and is not important. Ralph is far better at keeping order, but Jack is more influential, and because of his ability to influence those who follow him...... chaos quickly ensues. A lack of rules affects everyone; there are no codes of conduct or honor, no morality, no legality. The boys are too young to function maturely, they have no self-control, and most of the boys react impulsively; they lack the skills of cooperation.