Lord of the Flies

Roger's specific plans for ralph

if you were to right an oral from the point of view of roger, to do with his specific plans for roger, what would you presume, and how would you express it?

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i mean for the plans of ralpph

HOw can you "right" an "oral"?

If I understand you correctly, what is Roger saying about the hunt for Ralph? Well, I'd say he plans to kill him just as they kill pigs. Then he will mount Ralph's head on a stick and offer it up to the beast. Then that would serve as a warning to all the tribe's enemies, not to mess with this tribe. But wait, there are no more "others." Ralph was the last. So, it's pointless, right? No, not pointless from the viewpoint of a beastly boy. And after Ralph, who will be hunted next? Probably the littluns who are still lost in the jungle. Killing is no longer for food, but for power. But as long as we have flesh and a fire, why not feast on littlun?

If the hunt for Ralph is to parallel a hunt for pigs in every way, do you suppose the boys would have roasted and eated Ralph? Would the "last step" toward savagery be cannibalism? An interesting question, one which Golding avoids by having the ship arrive in the nick of time. Since the island is on fire, if the ship hadn't arrived, not much food would be left, so maybe the boys WOULD have begun to eat one another. Probably there are some littluns burning up on the island even as the sailors rescue those they find on the beach. No one ever gets the littluns' names or counts them or bothers to look after them, and Ralph does see one littlun who is terrified of him out in the jungle.