Lord of the Flies

Relation between Socialism, autoritarian regimes

In the book, we can see that Jack tuned out the supreme leader and rules the island. What relation does this has to Socialism/autoritarian regimes?? And could Ralph's side be a capitalistic, as Golding wrote it in the beginning of the Cold war?? Thanks again.!!

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The story can be interpreted as an allegory of a fledgeling 3rd world country trying to find its way. Ralph represents a socialist democracy. He tries to create the rudiments of a parliament with voting and debating. Jack would represent a sort of military dictatorship. Unfortunately the guy with the guns, or stick spears in this case, usually wins. Jack has control of the army and there is little that Ralph can do about it.

I understand your point. But what about the society, or the organization between the groups, reflects in this idea?

Every society strives for some sort of a system to keep order. Golding uses this as a toy for the boys to play with. Initially the boys are thrilled to vote, make rules....In new societies there is often someone that wants complete power. They will justify their existence by manipulation . A dictator might play along for awhile but eventual he will destroy the democratic order of things.