Lord of the Flies

ralph charecterization

can you characterize ralph in detail with some examples to support each characteristics?

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Ralph is a boy who matures very quickly. Initially he feels care free; he is on an island with no adults. He later develops into a leader with the weight of the world on his shoulders. Ralph tries his best to maintain some type of democracy. He calls assemblies and gives any boy the right to speak. Even the littluns get their say through the conch. Ralph concerns himself with practical things. He insists on a signal fire, latrines, shelters.....Ralph is the sort of leader that wants to bring his people out of the darkness and into a functioning society. Unfortunately most of the boys do not want this. For all his many qualities, Ralph is ineffectual as a leader. The boys simply are not afraid of him. Ralph does not manipulate as well as Jack does. One of Ralph’s greatest traits is how he treats each boy with respect; the boys, however, do not react to being treated with respect. In the end Ralph is not forceful or malicious enough to keep power.