Lord of the Flies


Describe the relationship of Ralph, Piggy and Jack?

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The relationship between Ralph and Piggy is governed by Ralph's attractive, confidant demeanor and leadership skills combined with Piggy's exceptional intelligence. Ralph is smart, but he doesn't have the same 'smarts' or thinking skills Piggy has. When Ralph gets frustrated, Piggy smoothes him out......... Ralph is the only one to accept Piggy and appreciate him; he may initially join the rest of the boys in deeming him an outcast, but it doesn't last long. He learns to accept him, treat him as an equal, and in the end he actually likes having him around. This acceptance is what eventually completely severs his relationship with Jack. As soon as Ralph is elected chief, Jack has only scorn for Ralph. This antagonism grows throughout the book. Jack finds Piggy weak and vulnerable: Jack intimidates Piggy.