Lord of the Flies

i need a paragraph defending the boys killing of the pig and explain

i need to write a 5 sectence paragraph on this

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The only defense I would advise for killing the pig is the need for food. I myself do not believe in hunting for sport.......... if you are going to hunt, the kill should be something you are going to use, but that's my opinion. I'm sure you have feelings of your own.

The island in this scenario is the world and it provides everything we need to survive. How we decide to use it is up to us. Is the the pig just food or does it provide a unifying goal the cements us together and at the same time protects us from ourselves by letting us express our fears and hates outward rather inward individually or as a group. for example our present day religion. It can unify millions in faith or focus some or all of that same group into hate and violence in the name of peace and love. Or to paraphrase Sigmond ... sometimes a pig is just a pig.


I wish my thoughts coincided with greater thinkers.