Lord of the Flies

Help on Symbolism, can anyone explain this?

What is the symbolism of the boys as a group?

And explain the following signs of the breakup of the civilized society the boys had originally planned:

1. Simon is killed in a ritual dance

2. Piggy is nearly blind after his glasses are stolen

3. Piggy is killed

4. As Jack's band prepared to make Ralph their prey, Roger sharpens a stick at both ends

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The boys are a gang. Without adult guidance, they create their own "society" based on power and violence. The violence takes over as they kill Simon. Along with the dreadful storm, there is darkness and fear and the conflict between Ralph and Jack. All this comes together when they see Simon and mistake him for an "enemy" which they attack as a group. Gang mentality rules. Scary.

What's with Roger sharpening a stick at both ends though. I thought it meant that Roger was gonna put Ralph on it (a cooking spit) and roast him over the fire. Kind of grostesque but understandable.

The sharpened stick is not for cooking--it is for mounting a head on a stick, as the boys did to the sow--the Lord of the Flies. That's even more grotesque than cannibalism, IMO.