Lord of the Flies

Explore how victims are presented in Lord of the Flies and Of Mice and Men

Lord of the flies (Piggy and Simon)

Of Mice and Men (Curley's Wife and Crooks)

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The "victims" in Of Mice and Men are people that feel even more isolated than the others. Crooks is relishing the company he has with Lennie. It's not the most stimulating conversation but it is company he so terribly misses. Curley's wife comes by on the pretence of looking for Curley (she is always "looking" for Curley) Crooks tells her to leave. Curley's wife turns vicious and threatens to accuse Crooks of rape. For Crooks, the punishment would mean certain death. Crooks is the only person that Curley's wife might have power over. His misery makes Curley's wife more despondent about her own misery. Humiliating and threatening Crooks gives her a little self-esteem.

From years of torment he has turned into the classic school-yard victim. He doesn't like physical work and really helps himself become an outcast. Piggy is smart but, unlike Simon, lacks insight. Piggy has many qualities yet Golding does' even give him a name. He is worth so much to their society yet is relegated to a source of "derision" because of his physicality and timid personality.Simon is not a victim like Piggy. He is a victim to the flaws in humanity that Golding feels is inherent in the boys.