Lord of the Flies

Describe jack. what is he wearing? how does he look different from when he first came to the island?

Jake personality

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Since the beginning of the novel, Jack seems to be a power-hungry individual. He is an individual that continuously looks for power. This shows us Jack is a boy with a desire of becoming a leader. "I ought to be chief, because I'm chapter chorister and head boy", (pg 22) these confirm that Jack wants power over all other things. He represents the major of our society making the ideas of our community. These types of people are unable to follow orders of others. Jack is not capable of being under the direction of Ralph.



I think as the book pregresses Jack becomes more of a socio-path. Violence becomes second nature to him and it involves more than stabbing trees with his knife. Simple control of the boys becomes torture of the boys and finally the taking of life.