Lord of the Flies

choir boys= Symbol?

Do the choir boys symbolize anything?

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Of course not.


They Symbolize a Choir

They might possibly show how it is easier when you join something, already having a leader, becuase it is easier to follow them... maybe?

I think that the fact they start as a group of choir boys, then become the hunters, then take over the whole island, definitely means something.

The are the sacred: a choir of sweet-voiced boys singing hymns--turned profane: a band of painted hunters killing pigs.

The choir boys do symbolize something...

Songs have a major impact on society. An ancient Greek philosopher said that once there's a change in song, there's a change in society. ie Beatles ->> anti-authority. People used to respect the law, now people don't give a f*ck a lot of the time.

Sometimes you can sing a song over and over, not knowing the meaning of the lyrics too. The song starts to lose meaning, but it still retains power. The beat, the feeling you get, the meaning... Their >>Chanting<<

Chanting is sung in a rather low key, much like church music. Church music is like a chant, I guess... It's >repetitive<, gets the message across, and gets you into a holy mood.

The choir boys are a church choir. Evangelical, I think.

They turn into savages (beasts), and start to chant, and ironically turn against the Lord and unto the devil... The Lord of the Flies (aka) Beelzebub.

They're a symbol of Original Sin, I guess. The tendency to do wrong.