Looking for Alibrandi

Main Ideas

What do you think are the main ideas of Looking For Alibrandi? Eg, the subjects raised by the authour throughout the story.

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The author broaches many subjects in this novel; everything from family dissent in the family (typical mother/ daughter power plays), to the importance of virginity, social acceptance, and even suicide.

The questions would be is it alright to remain a virgin in a society that no longer embraces its importance? Is it okay to go over the tracks for a nice guy? Suicide? Is the challenge to take your own life, or is it having the gumption to live?

This novel is an important look at today's society and the problems in faces. The author raises valid questions throughout, and I believe she does justice to the answers. I think the author does a great job of embracing the "Italian" family, which could be any family that continues to adhere to traditional values and the road blocks they face in the raising of their children in a time when the family nucleus seems to be out of vogue. More writers should focus novels targeted for young adults in this direction.


Looking for Alibrandi